Dragon Naturally Speaking 15


As the world's premier voice recognition software application, Dragon Naturally Speaking has been proven to increase productivity, save money and increase the quality of life for many!

Now, shipping a variety of versions including ; Dragon Professional v15 Individual, Dragon Professional Group, Dragon Legal v15 Individual and Group Editions.



Dragon Medical

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Practice Edition 2

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is finally here. Improved 22% accuracy, more accents, more vocabularies and new automation tools.Give your EMR and clinical documentation a boost with Dragon Medical. No EMR? No problem, Microsoft automation is available.

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From $599.00

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 12 & Premium 13 Editions

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition lets you control your digital world by voice -- at work, home, or on the road. New features include an iPhone Recorder, Smart formatting and more. Turn thoughts into text just by talking. With Dragon Premium 12, enjoy semi-professional speech recognition results.

As low as $99.00
Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional

Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional Individual 15 and Group Editions

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Edition speech recognition software is voice recognition on steroids. Enjoy quick and easy basic dictation while being able to do all your work faster. i.e. "Insert Signature", "Post to Facebook", "Translate and Print", "Accept defaults", etc.. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional also includes network dictation, multiple computer installations, VoiceServer, update commands to any software on the fly, etc... Dragon Professional has much more to offer.

From $449.00

Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal 15 Individual & Group Editions

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Legal is enterprise speech recognition software lets users create documents and control their PCs by voice — three times faster than typing — to reduce transcription costs, and reliance on support staff, while speeding document turnaround. It offers a pre-configured vocabulary with over 30,000 legal-specific terms, automatically formats legal citations, and supports third-party correction.

From $599.00
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