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Dragon NaturallySpeaking v15 Legal Group Edition Solutions


The all-new Dragon Legal Group, v15 expands the boundaries of speech recognition innovation for legal document creation in a work group environment. Featuring a next-generation speech engine with the latest Deep Learning technology, Dragon constantly learns and adapts to your unique voice and environmental variations—even while you’re dictating—to deliver new levels of personalized accuracy and productivity. With accuracy improvements of up to 15% over previous versions and across the board enhancements, including transcription features, broader application support, optimization for popular touchscreen PCs, and contextual guidance tailored to your usage, Dragon v15 drives greater efficiency and cost savings practicewide than ever before.

Speed legal documentation turnaround times, eliminate transcription bottlenecks, and free support staff to focus on high-value, billable tasks with Nuance® Dragon® Legal Group, the enterprise-ready speech recognition solution for law firms or legal departments.

If you have Dragon Legal Group v14, the following features have been enhanced and upgraded in v15. If you have previous versions of Dragon Legal, there are even more features which have been upgraded.

Dragon Legal Group v14 to v15 upgraded features include ;

1. Delivers high recognition accuracy with the ability to learn and adapt to a variety of accents and environments, with a next generation speech engine powered by Nuance Deep Learning technology

Ideal for diverse work groups and settings:

  • Optimized for speakers with accents, such as regional dialects
  • Optimized for users working in noisy environments, such as an open office or mobile setting
  • Dragon learns words and phrases used most to minimize corrections and adapts to the user’s voice while dictatin

2. Use powerful transcription tools to eliminate transcription bottlenecks, cut reliance on outsourced services, and reallocate support staff to more high-value, billable tasks

Turn recorded audio files into transcribed documents instantly:

  • Use the Auto Transcribe Folder Agent (ATFA) to transcribe batch files of audio recordings
  • Transcribe individual audio files
  • Transcribe another single speaker’s voice from pre-recorded audio files or podcasts with no training

New enhanced transcription features include:

  • Streamlined setup and improved profile management
  • No profile training required for transcription
  • Fast, post-recognition process automatically applies basic punctuation

Use powerful mobility features to enable legal professionals to complete documentation away from the office, while visiting clients or on their way to court

  • Now optimized for popular touchscreen PCs

Minimize post-editing with formatting and other recognition improvements to speed document turnaround

Improved recognition of numbers and email address formatting, hyperlink formatting in auto-texts, and place names based on how we naturally speak, resulting in fewer overall corrections. For example:

  • “three double two five” > “3225”
  • “John dot Smith at Nuance dot com” > [email protected]

Work quickly and accurately by voice within the latest business applications

Web and desktop applications with enhanced dictation within applications including:

  • WordPerfect® X8
  • Skype™ for Business