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Dragon NaturallySpeaking v14 Professional Individual Edition Solutions

What's New in Dragon 14 Individual

This topic describes enhancements and new features in Dragon version 14.

Command enhancements

Auto-text commands

Auto-text is a block of content that you specify - including text, graphics, or both - for which you create a custom voice command. In your dictation, when you say the command, Dragon enters your content. You create new auto-text commands using the New Auto-Text Command dialog box. From the DragonBar, select Tools > Add New Auto-Text.

Manage your custom commands in one place

The Manage Custom Commands dialog box lists all commands you have created, along with buttons to edit or delete them, or to create new ones. To access the dialog box, select Tools > Manage Custom Commands from the DragonBar.

Windows 10 commands

There are new commands for the Action Center, Settings screen, and Start button for Windows 10.

Dictation enhancements

Enhanced Dictation Box

The following enhancements have been made to the Dictation Box:

  • The user interface design is now simpler and easier to use.
  • There is a new Use automatic Dictation Box for this application check box. This check box allows you to turn the Dictation Box on or off for specific applications.
  • Dragon no longer prompts you to save text when you click the Cancel button.
  • The Dictation Box is now resizable.
  • There is now a minimum size. You cannot make the Dictation Box smaller than the minimum size.
  • The Show character count setting is now deselected by default.

PowerMic III support

Dragon now supports the PowerMic III as a dictation source.

General enhancements

  • When you close the Administrative Settings dialog box, Dragon now re-opens your user profile automatically. If you have more than one user profile, Dragonallows you to select a user profile to open.
  • Dragon no longer prompts you to save your user profile when you make changes to it.
  • DragonBar usability is now optimized for touchscreen use.
  • You can now link your desktop version of Dragon to your Dragon Anywhere account and share words and commands with your desktop version. Note that access to this feature depends on your Dragon implementation.

Installation and upgrade enhancements

Region selection

During the Dragon installation, you can now choose the English regions for which to install language files.

  • If you are installing the English edition, you can choose to install only the language files for your region, or files for all regions.
  • If you are installing a language other than English, you can choose whether to install English files in addition to your language. You can choose to install files for one English region, all English regions, or none.

This allows you to use less disk space when installing Dragon, and reduces the installation time required.

User profile upgrade

Dragon now opens version 13 user profiles without upgrading them.

License management enhancements

In Standalone mode, there is a new Change serial number button on the Miscellaneous tab in Administrative Settings. Clicking this button opens a dialog box that allows you to enter a new serial number to switch to a different Dragon edition, such as Legal.

In NMS mode, you switch to different Dragon editions and allocate licenses to users in the Nuance Management Console (NMC) from the Licensing menu.

Software versions

Dragon can now support the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office 2016

Transcription enhancements

Improvements to the transcription source

Improvements to the transcription process produce more accurate transcription results for recorded dictation. You can now create a transcription source separate from your live dictation source.

Simplified transcription of recorded dictation

The steps required to transcribe a recording have been simplified to make the process faster and easier. You no longer need to read sample text for a minimum of 5 minutes. You can simply provide a recording containing at least 60 seconds of speech.

To transcribe another user’s recording, you’ll need to first open that user’s profile.

Usability enhancements

Help redesign and optimization

The following enhancements have been made to the Dragon Help:

  • Help content was rewritten and made simpler to more clearly explain Dragon's functionality, and to make information easier to find.
  • The Search capability is now optimized to return more accurate search results relevant to search key words.
  • Short, interactive video modules are now available on the Web. These address commonly asked questions and several key Dragon features.
  • The interactive tutorial has been expanded.
  • The Help user interface was redesigned and is now modern and easy-to-use.
  • The Help system is now on the Web.

What Can I Say?

You can now say "What Can I Say?" at any time to get a list of commonly used Dragon commands. The commands are grouped into categories by function, like Navigation. Dragon reminds you to use this command; you'll see the reminder when you first open Dragon and when you create a new user profile.

You can use "What Can I Say?" when you're in:

  • Applications, like Microsoft Word
  • Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome)
  • Windows Desktop

The What Can I Say command replaces the Learning Center.

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