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Acoustic Magic - VTrack

VoiceTracker Array Microphone with Unidirectional and Wide directional modes.

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Unlike 1st generation array microphones which have a fixed "listen" direction, the Acoustic Magic Voice TrackerTM Array Microphone automatically locates and electronically steers toward the talker.

System Overview

The Voice Tracker desktop array microphone overcomes the weakness of conventional far field microphones in two ways. First, the Voice Tracker has eight microphones in its array. This increases its sensitivity immensely. However, it is the Voice Tracker's ability to filter noise that allows it to take advantage of all this sensitivity. Sophisticated electronics & software in the Voice Tracker locates the talker and electronically steers a "listening beam" (like an acoustic searchlight) toward the talker. This spatial filtering significantly reduces background noise. Special algorithms are then employed to reduce background noise even further by eliminating stationery noise emanating from fans, etc.


Speech recognition for command and control of computers and PDAs in noisy environments. Speech recognition for dictation of documents without a headset (close-talking) microphone. Teleconferencing with the microphone located at one end of the office or conference room (on the monitor).