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Price: $85.00

Andrea Electronics - PCTI 3

PCTI 3 - Personal Computer Telephone Interface - limited quantity available.

Price: $85.00

The PCTI 3-Way eables switching of a headset to a PC, a phone, or both, enabling headset users to connect to their PCs and their telephones simultaneously.

System Overview

This Telephone Interface will work with :

  • Headset to Telephone Only
  • Headset to PC Only
  • Headset to PC and Telephone simultaneously
  • 3 way conference


  • 3-way switching of an Andrea headset to a PC, a phone, or both.
    Enabling headset users to connect to their PCs and their telephones simultaneously to allow voice-enabled computing and telecommunications functions easily and efficiently.
  • Connects an Andrea PC headset to most telephones (both single line and digital PBX) and to a PC.
  • 3-way conferencing in position allows person on headset, person on phone, and person VoIP through computer all to communicate simultaneously.
  • Use the headset while on the phone instead of the phone handset.
  • Use the headset with the PC for speech recognition, VoIP, or any PC audio output.
  • Single control point for flexible connections without plugging and unplugging cables,
    • Select handset or headset
    • Adjust headset speaker volume
    • Mute headset microphone
    • Control Computer Speakers (On / Off)
    • Select PC, Phone or Both

Technical Specifications

System Requirements
Computer: Sound Card with Microphone input jack, and speaker or headset output jack
Headset: Any Andrea Headset but is not compatible with Andrea QW1000 ANC
Telephone: Most phones with G and K style handsets but is not compatible with handsets with built-in keypads or cordless phones

Andrea PCTI3 Personal Computer Telephone Interface, 2.2k Ohm
5 VDC Microphone power provided
8 to 32 Ohms for mono headsets
16 to 32 Ohms for stereo headsets Headphone output impedance
40 dB Signal to noise
3.5 mm plug connects to computer mic input and speaker output or headset output
7 feet Cable Length

Other Important Information