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Price: $5.00

Andrea Electronics - VCCD

Voice Center CD

Price: $5.00

Andrea VoiceCenter is a personal productivity tool and communications application, designed to enhance traditional messaging with the personality of voice.


  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • One-click recording (even when the program is closed)
  • Send voice notes via e-mail in .wav or .wma formats
  • Drag and Drop voice notes into other applications
  • Turn any voice note into an alarm reminder
  • Unlimited voice notes in unlimited categories
  • Miniature interface - does not obscure other applications
  • Modify existing voice notes
  • Slide-out Advanced Controls Panel
  • Compatible with the Superbeam Microphone
  • Digital quality sound featuring PureAudio noise reduction
  • Record and file VoIP collaboration meetings and Webinars, etc.
  • When used with our PCTI 3-Way, record phone conversations right from your PC

Technical Specifications

Windows 98, Millennium, 2000, or XP
10 MB install space
One minutes of notes = approximately 1 MB