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Buddy - UGooseneck

32' Flexible Gooseneck microphone with USB connection. Clamps to any surface that is 2.25' thick.

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Buddy Gooseneck microphones are in use throughout the US, Canada and Europe by customers with disabilities. When used in conjunction with speech recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Microsoft Speech Recognition, the high level of clarity and accuracy allows people with mobility or dexterity issues to easily control the computer or dictate using only their voice. Many disabled customers and their families appreciate the freedom and mobility that the Buddy Gooseneck can help provide.

System Overview

The Insync Buddy Gooseneck is a highly accurate dictation in moderately noisy environments (TV or Music playing in the background). The sensitive microphone can be used from 2" to 6" away from the microphone end. As with any handheld microphone, do not turn your head while talking.

Includes a clamp, which can be used to clamp the Gooseneck microphone to a surface with up to 2.25" thickness.

Microphone Element

Includes a unidirectional microphone element to provide clear audio signal from 1” to 9” range from the front of the element yet providing a speech signal comparable to headset microphones. This yields extremely high recognition accuracy in the high nineties with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which is comparable to good quality headsets.


  • 30" Desktop Gooseneck Flexible microphone
  • Now featuring our cutting-edge 7G technology!
  • High quailty, noise cancelling microphone yields incredible results when used with popular speech recognition software
  • The Buddy GooseneckMic 7G is equipped with an adjustable clamp to allow the microphone to be secured to virtually any flat surface
  • Attach the Buddy GooseneckMic 7G to your desk or chair to create your ideal setup for dictation or speech recognition
  • Plug & Play design means there is no need for additional drivers or software

Technical Specifications

Windows XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista and Windows 7, Mac OS 10.4 and Linux 2.6 or higher

Microphone Supports 8/16 bit mono recording at 6.4 kHz to 48 kHz,sensitivity -54 ± 4 dB impedance <650 Ohms.
Speaker Output Supports 16/24 bit mono/stereo at 6.4 kHz to 48 kHz. Includes a low-power stereo amplifier.
Signal-to-Noise Ratio SNR is typically -92 dB for A/D (recording) and -96 dB for D/A (playback).
Range Work Area +/- 50 degrees horizontally and +/- 60 degrees vertically with optimal performance at a distance of up to 2 to 6 feet depending on model.
Total Harmonic Distortion THR is better than -90 dB for both A/D (recording) and D/A (playback).
Power Self powered from USB bus with less than 300 mA current at 5V DC.
Operating Temp. Minimum -10°C (14° F), maximum 70ºC (158ºF).
Storage Temp. Minimum -40°C (-40° F), maximum 75ºC (167ºF).

Included with this purchase

  • 30" Gooseneck Microphone
  • Microphone Desk Clamp
  • USB - extended USB adapter/cable, 6 feet.