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Buddy - DesktopMic 7G DSP

Insync Buddy 7G Desktop USB Microphone with DSP Filtered Audio.

Price: $224.95 w/ FREE USA SHIPPING

Introducing our first desktop microphone with FilteredAudio™ technology! Our cutting edge noise filtering system eliminates background noise and yields incredible accuracy, even in noisy environments. This microphone is ideal for users who often work in hectic settings which may produce background noise which can hinder the performance of dictation and speech recognition applications.

System Overview


•    Buddy DesktopMic 7G with FilteredAudio™ technology includes ones programmable button and two RGB lights for visual feedback

•    Button functions are re-assignable using our free MyBuddyMic software. The user friendly interface allows the user to change the functionality to allow the microphone to perform Push-To-Talk, Mute, or direct control in Dragon NaturallySpeaking

•    The button can generate distinct events (click, double click, press and hold) for a total of three unique button commands. Button actions can also simulate the use of a keyboard, mouse or joystick, allowing the Buddy DesktopMic 7G with FilteredAudio™ to perform repetitive tasks such as inserting text functions like e-mail signoffs and greetings.

•    MyBuddyMic allows you to save button assignments for multiple profiles. Use one profile at work, and another at home.

•    Three pre-programmed profiles are included with MyBuddyMic to support different default control modes.

•    Choose which you like, or modify to your personal preference to maximize productivity and ease of use.


  • Built in FilteredAudio™ technology and complex noise cancelling algorithims help to eliminate background noise
  • USB Plug & Play Operation
  • Ideal for noisy environments, particularily for those who rely on speech recognition or dictation software
  • Increase productivity by customizing button features with free MyBuddyMic™ software
  • Direct control of microphone on/off feature in Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • No need for additional software or drivers - MyBuddyMic™ is optional for most normal operations

Technical Specifications

Windows XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista and Windows 7, Mac OS 10.4, Linux 2.6 or higher and Google Chromebooks