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Buddy - DesktopMic 7G USB

Buddy Desktop 7G USB microphone with high quality directional microphone and 18 inch gooseneck. This model is now the same as the DesktopMic 7G DSP.

Price: $224.95 w/ FREE USA SHIPPING

Buddy DesktopMic 7G is a highly customizable multi-function USB desktop microphone. THIS MODEL HAS BEEN REPLACED BY THE BUDDY DESKTOP 7G DSP.

System Overview

Buddy DesktopMic 7G includes a noise-cancelling unidirectional microphone element. The advanced technology embedded in the microphone makes this product ideal for use with VoIP and speech recognition applications such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Microsoft Windows Speech Recognition. The USB plug-and-play design means there are no extra drivers or software to install – an ideal solution for new and experienced users alike. Users have complete control over microphone functions using our optional MyBuddyMic customization software.


Buddy DesktopMic 7G includes one programmable button and two RGB lights for visual feedback.
Button functions are re-assignable using our free MyBuddyMic download software. The software interface is clear and user-friendly, allowing you to change functionality such as Push-To-Talk, Mute, or direct control in Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
The button can generate three distinct events (clicking, double clicking, or pressing and holding) for a total of three unique button events. Button actions also simulate the use of keyboard, mouse, or joystick, so you can even create re-usable text (e.g. for a sign-off).
MyBuddyMic allows you to save button assignments for multiple profiles. Use one profile for your work computer and another at home. Three pre-programmed profiles are included with MyBuddyMic to support three microphone control modes. Choose which you like, or modify for your personal preference.

Events and Actions

Each event generated by a button can be programmed to carry out one or more actions. These action-triggered events can:
  • Mute or activate a microphone for Push-To-Talk or mute toggle
  • Turn a light on or off
  • Simulate a keyboard to send a user-stored string, key combinations, simulate a mouse, send a message to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, etc.
The microphone unit can store up to 500 separate actions or data strings. MyBuddyMic software is required to customize advanced operations, but the majority of basic operations need neither programming nor driver software on the target computer. Advanced operations include maintaining a list of voice commands that can be sent to a speech engine such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


  • USB plug-and-play microphone
  • Built-in noise-canceling microphone designed for speech applications like dictation and transcription
  • Configurable microphone button:
  • Push-To-Talk to hear sound only when button is held or set for mute toggle
  • Direct control of the microphone On/Off function in Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Programmable button can simulate keyboard or mouse input for repetitive tasks or to insert text.
  • Once programmed, Buddy DesktopMic 7G retains its configuration
  • Free MyBuddyMic™ software download allows you to  customize advanced tasks to control Microsoft Speech and Dragon NaturallySpeaking or any other Windows based software
  • No need for additional drivers - MyBuddyMic™ Software is optional for most normal operations

Technical Specifications

Windows XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista and Windows 7, Mac OS 10.4, Linux 2.6 or higher and Google Chromebooks