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Buddy - StylusMic 7G

Buddy StylusMic 7G is a noise cancelling microphone with Wacom Digitizer. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS 8.

Price: $299.95 w/ FREE USA SHIPPING

Buddy StylusMic 7G is a highly customizable, multi-function USB stylus and microphone. It’s designed as an all-in-one productivity aid for Tablet PC and Notebook users and is ergonomic, sturdy, and stylish.

System Overview


Buddy StylusMic 7G includes three programmable push buttons and two RGB lights for visual feedback. Common functions, such as moving from field to field, come pre-programmed.
Button functions are re-assignable using our free MyBuddyMic software. The software interface is clear and user-friendly, allowing you to change functionality such as Push-To-Talk, Mute, or direct control in Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
Each button can generate three distinct events (Click, Double-Click, or Hold) for a total of nine unique button events. Button actions also simulate the use of keyboard, mouse, or joystick, so you can even create re-usable text (e.g. for a sign-off).
MyBuddyMic allows you to save button assignments for multiple profiles. Use one profile for your work computer and another at home. Three pre-programmed profiles are included with MyBuddyMic to support three microphone control modes. Choose which you like, or modify for your own personal preference.

Events and Actions

Each event generated by a button can be programmed to carry out one or more actions. These action-triggered events can:

  1. Mute or activate a microphone for Push-To-Talk or mute toggle
  2. Turn a light on or off
  3. Simulate a keyboard or mouse to send user-stored strings, key combinations, mouse clicks, messages to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, etc

The microphone unit can store up to 500 separate actions or data strings. MyBuddyMic software is required to customize advanced operations, but the majority of basic operations need neither programming nor driver software on the target computer. Advanced operations include maintaining a list of voice commands for a speech engine such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


Microphone Element

Buddy StylusMic includes a noise canceling microphone element to provide clear audio signal that can match the performance of any close talking headset microphone. This yields extremely high recognition accuracy in the high nineties with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Microsoft Windows speech recognition engines.

Buttons and Lights

There are two push buttons, the top one being a dual button. The light above the top switch flashes to indicate the microphone has been muted. The top half of the dual top button is a mute switch and toggles the mute state. Lower half of the top button is available for any Windows applications that can access the button via HID. The lower button (towards stylus) supports Wacom technology. In non-Wacom StylusMic this button is available to Windows application via HID.


Buddy StylusMic is a Plug & Play device, which uses standard Windows® and Macintosh® drivers. It works with Windows® XP, Windows® 2003, and Windows® Vista. It has been tested to work well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking®, Microsoft Speech in Windows, and IBM ViaVoice®.

USB Interface

Buddy StylusMic is USB 2.0 compliant with 12 mega bit transfer rate, and it can be used in any USB 2.0 slot in your Windows or Macintosh computers. The, the official governing body of all Universal Serial Bus products and applications, has officially certified the Buddy StylusMic to meet the USB standards.


Its plug and play operation uses Windows and Macintosh drivers for seamless operation. The Stylus operation and its built-in microphone will work with Windows built-in drivers. Windows applications can access the button press and release using USB HID (Human Interface Device) interface. To test this functionality you can use the Game Controllers applet in Windows Control Panel.


  • Ideal for Tablet and Notebook PCs
  • Practical, compact, and portable
  • USB and ExpressCard interfaces
  • Built-in noise-canceling microphone designed for speech applications such as dictation and transcription
  • Configurable microphone buttons: Push-To-Talk to hear sound only when button is held, or set for mute toggle
  • Direct control of the microphone On/Off function in Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Three programmable buttons simulate keyboard or mouse input for repetitive tasks or to insert text
  • Buttons pre-programmed to navigate fields in Dragon NaturallySpeaking forms
  • Once programmed, Buddy StylusMic 7G retains its configuration
  • Free MyBuddyMic™ software download allows for customizable tasks in Microsoft Speech and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Technical Specifications

Compatible with any Wacom Penabled® device