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Revolabs - Solo Desktop

XTAG EDITION. INCREDIBLE PRICE! LIMITED TIME OFFER WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! SECURE Wireless USB computer microphone the size of a lipstick. Great for voice recognition, internet telephony and conferencing.

Price: $199.95 w/ FREE USA SHIPPING

Calling all Voice Recognition Users! A breakthrough in wireless computer microphone technology. This is a dream come true for Physicians, people with disabilities and many other professionals. Introducing the Solo wearable Microphone which can be used as a Lapel Microphone, worn on a lasso or handheld. Either way, you'll get great performance. Digitally Encrypted communications for professionals with sensitive data.

System Overview

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Wireless Lapel / Handheld Microphone System

The revolutionary Solo microphone will forever change your approach to voice computing and conferencing. By taking the wire off the microphone Revolabs has created unmatched audio performance for your critical personal applications without compromising your own collaboration dynamics.

Wireless Microphone
• .9" (2.4cm) W x .8" (1.95cm) D x 2.6" (6.68cm) H
• .05 lbs (.02 kg)

The base station/ charging tray is the communications hub of the Solo Desktop. This remarkably compact unit controls all communication flow of the Solo Desktop system. Use the USB connector to connect directly to your PC.

Combine the Solo Desktop and Solo Executive systems and take productivity to an even higher level. Use these same microphones for both computer use and your meetings. Give your busy executives their own microphone they keep with them while going from office to conference room and back to their office.


Earpiece – 2.5mm mono audio connector, 26” (66cm) cable with in-line volume control, adjustable earpiece containing a 20mm high quality 32 ohm speaker, easy to clean.


  • Very accurate with Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Wearable or Handheld Wireless
  • One button push ease of use
  • 8-Hour Talk Time w/rechargeable battery (80% charge in 45 minutes)
  • Encrypted
  • 30-Meter (100 ft) Range
  • Full-Duplex (dictate and listen)
  • Up to 24 users in a single room with full encryption
  • Wideband Audio

    Technical Specifications

    Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista

    Frequency Response: 100-8,000 Hz
    Battery Life: 8 hours. Battery charges to 80% in just 45 minutes.


    1. Make sure the Microphone is turned OFF (no LED activity). If the unit is ON, press and hold the MUTE button for 10 seconds until the LED turns solid RED (do not release when you hear two beeps), to turn the unit off, if needed. An alternative method of turning off is to place the Microphone in the Charger Base for less than 2 seconds.

    2. Place the Microphone into pairing mode by holding the Microphone's MUTE button down for ten seconds. The LED will turn solid GREEN and then solid RED. Release the MUTE button. The Microphone unit is now in pairing mode.

    3. Within 5 seconds, push and hold the Charger Base's MUTE button for six seconds to enter into pairing mode. The LED will be solid RED until pairing is confirmed, as indicated by a short GREEN flash followed by flashing RED on both the microphone and the Charger Base. If pairing fails on either unit, the LED will flash alternately GREEN and RED for a few seconds.

    Included with this purchase

  • Base station / Charging tray
  • Microphone
  • Lanyard
  • Earpiece
  • Power unit

    Other Important Information


    What is the power consumption?

    The SOLO system incorporates the latest in lithium-polimer battery and power management technology. The microphones have 8 hours of talk time. A 45 minute recharge is sufficient to bring the units back to 80% of charge capacity. Effectively this makes the units round the clock capable