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Price: $19.95

Sennheiser - PC121

In-ear monaural headset (dual 1/8'/3.5mm and single 2.5mm connector)

Price: $19.95

The PC 121 is an over the ear monaural headset, ideal for inexpensive internet telephony and laptop use.

System Overview

The professional PC 121 headset is an ultra-light, one sided headset ideal for IP-based communications, especially when traveling. Use it for inexpensive telephone-conferences or private calls, dictation or entertainment.

  • Self-adjustable, omni-directional microphone for clear communication, more comfort and flexibility
  • In-line volume control and microphone mute switch lets you decide volume intensity and allows you to “remove” someone from a three-way conversation
  • Compatible with almost any sound card, it can be used for listening to music or films on your laptop or with CD/DVD/MP3 players
  • Compatible with some mobile phones
  • Single-sided cable keeps chin and neck free so you can concentrate on your game


  • Robust microphone for high speech intelligibility
  • Adjustable microphone position and ear clip
  • Wearable over-ear left or right
  • Internet telephony compatible
  • Voice recognition
  • Unique "ear clip design"
  • In-line volume control and microphone mute switch
  • Skype certified