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Talk Technologies - SM100

Sylencer® SmartMic Silent Speech Recognition Microphone

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A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Microphone Technology for Speech Recognition

System Overview

The new SmartMic™ technology (patents pending) will revolutionize speech recognition accuracy for mask users. Now you can even whisper and still achieve accurate results.

Every voice is different. The SmartMic™ allows you to simply tune the microphone to your voice to obtain maximum accuracy by perfectly matching the Speech Recognition software requirements.

Want to whisper one day and speak normally the next? Have a cold?

No problem. Now you can quickly re-tune your microphone to detect your speech at the desired level. This microphone circuit doesn’t just amplify sound. Its unique technology actually enhances audio qualities allowing for vocal input levels within virtually any range.

What are professionals saying about the SmartMic™?

The SmartMic, when combined with the Andrea USB adapter, provides more accurate speech recognition than any other voice containment product available. Find this hard to believe? Here is what two beta testers had to say:

"Throughout my entire realtime voice writing career, I have never achieved acceptable levels of accuracy with whispered speech….but that was yesterday’s microphone technology! After creating a set of speech files in both ViaVoice® and NaturallySpeaking® with a whisper and the new Sylencer® mask, I was confounded by the accurate results. Not believing what I was experiencing I had to do more testing. Many sets of speech files later, I was convinced. I am so excited about your mask you have no idea. You are doing such a service to our industry.

This microphone is the revolutionary missing link!"

Bettye Keyes, CCR, CSR, CVR, RVR

"This new technology will convince the present generation that regardless of their dictation style, they can get great results with speech recognition. After bench testing this mask, I can tell you, without hesitation or qualification, that it will greatly accelerate the commoditization of voice within the reporting industry. Speech recognition technology is now within every voice writer's reach."

Dave Rogala, CCR, CSR, CVR-CM


The Sylencer SmartMic has the ability to be tuned to your voice for the most accurate speech recognition obtainable. Its patent pending technology allows users to even whisper - it works that well!

Included with this purchase

  • SmartMic SM100
  • Tuning Fork