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Talk Technologies - SM200

Sylencer® SmartMic Silent Speech Recognition Microphone with Dual Microphones. 1 Condenser and 1 Dynamic for dual output recording. This configuration with 2 1/8' (3.5mm) jacks.

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Ergonomically designed, hand-held device used to contain or silence the user's voice. Inside is a special microphone allowing the speaker to transmit, record or communicate without being overheard by others. In essence, the Sylencer / Stenomask functions like a portable sound booth allowing quiet and private communication.


  • Standard Face Piece (over the mouth only)
  • Full Face Piece (over the the nose and mouth)
  • Tuning Tool
  • Extra Foam

Other Important Information

How Does a Sylencer Work?

The user holds the Sylencer against the face while speaking into the microphone inside the housing. The Sylencer contains or silences the user's voice as well as excluding unwanted noise from outside. The result is clear and quiet communication. The Sylencer can be plugged into a variety of equipment including recorders, transmitters, phones, amplifiers and computers. Wherever there is a microphone, you can use a Sylencer. It is ideal for anyone requiring privacy, voice silencing, or noise reduction communication.