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Talk Technologies - SM200-USB

Sylencer® SmartMic Silent Speech Recognition Microphone with Dual Microphones. 1 Condenser and 1 Dynamic for dual output recording. This configuration with 2 1/8' (3.5mm) jacks with 1 USB Adapter.

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System Overview

First, like any speech recognition microphone, you must plug your mask into a USB adapter, which then goes to a USB port on your computer to obtain accurate speech recognition. During speech training for new user set-up, the SmartMic can be tuned to your unique voice sensitivity level.

The SmartMic is factory pre-tuned to an average setting for most users. This may provide a satisfactory voice level for you, but do not hesitate to adjust the sensitivity level to attain the most accurate speech recognition. The SmartMic is designed to work best with the Andrea USB adapter.