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Price: $69.95

VXI - TalkProMax2

Binaural Headset-Voice Recognition Microphone, Volume Control, Mic Mute, Clip Translator, Jack for Computer Speakers, 3.5 mm Plugs

Price: $69.95

Full-featured TalkPro Max 2 incorporates two key technologies to achieve superior microphone performance: sophisticated Gentex noise canceling microphone proven to ensure higher speech recognition accuracy and VXI's innovative, award winning Parrott Translator technology which ensures optimum voice band response and dramatically reduces distortion to achieve outstanding sound quality and accuracy. Also works with older, non-standard sound cards. In addition, it features volume control, microphone mute, and quick disconnect.


Critical factor: 

The critical factor in the performance of speech recognition software is in the delivery of the human voice. Transmission of the operator's voice must be accomplished at very high standards of clarity, precision and consistency. The key element in providing superior transmit performance

is the headset microphone. Parrott TalkPro headsets incorporate the technologically peerless Gentex® microphone, a voice band optimized and noise canceling electret specifically designed for the SR application.


Comfort factor: All day wearing comfort is achieved by a lightweight ergonomic design. Adjustable headband holds the headset firmly and gently. Flexible boom adapts and holds optimum microphone position. Receiver ear cushion is cupped for comfort on left or right side. Durable

materials and construction assure long life.


Compatibility factor: The Parrott Translator module enhances and clarifies microphone performance, and guarantees compatibility with any PC, laptop or palmtop with speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking or IBM Via Voice. All TalkPro products are backed by VXI's unconditional 2 year warranty.

Included with this purchase

Full-featured TalkPro. Includes ParrottTranslator and quick-disconnect with mute switch, volume, and clothing clip. Works with older and non-standard sound cards.