Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Editions

For more than 10 years, Dragon NaturallySpeaking software has existed and offered the wonders of continuous speech recognition. As years have gone by, the main system has improved with better accuracy, faster speed, support for the latest computer software and as our computer technology and internet get smarter, so does Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Dragon Professional Edition has continued to evolve. The absolute latest edition is the Dragon Professional Edition v15 which is available in two flavors. Dragon Professional 15 Individual Edition and Dragon Professional 15 Group Edition.

While version 15 is the latest edition, there are some individuals whom still need older editions for support of older computers or in some cases, need the older editions to support their particular software environment or integration.

It's also important to note that each new edition of Dragon Professional has increased in accuracy by at least 10%. Therefore, if you started with Dragon 12 with 93% accuracy, Dragon 13 would give you 94% accuracy, Dragon 14 would give you 95% accuracy, Dragon 15 will give you 95.8% accuracy and so on. While the specific numbers here are not exact, every edition gets smarter, faster, more accurate and supports more current software of that time.

The following editions are available ;

Dragon Professional v15 Individual Editions

The latest generation speech recognition solution. Leveraging the latest in Deep Learning technology. This edition learns based on your environmental conditions and automatically increases accuracy based on where you are dictating.

Dragon Professional v15 Group Editions

When more than one user are in an office and do similar work, the enterprise features of the group edition offer central management of vocabularies and commands. Supports mobility using the optional "Dragon Anywhere" integration. Furthermore, support for Citrix virtualized environments and server technologies allow IT departments to do across the board automatic installations already set up with proper options, words and commands offering a "ready to go" environment for users.

Dragon Professional v14 Individual Editions

In this edition, "Auto-text" was introduced which created a great way of managing text blocks of text. Custom commands interface was also enhanced for easy management. Windows 10 support was also introduced. Several other enhancements over previous editions such as the automatic launching of the dictation box which now shows a character counts. New support for hardware including the Nuance Powermic II and Powermic III were also added.

Dragon Professional v14 Group Editions

This is the first edition to incorporate Enterprise feature enhancements and a user knowledge sharing experience. With the introduction of the Nuance Management Server, client configurations were made a breeze. Central management of individual setup options, custom words and useability are now a reality with this group edition. No more does each individual have to build the same vocabulary and auto-text individually. You can now literally push customizations to users which boosts productivity immensly across a group of individuals.

Dragon Professional for Mac v6

This edition of Dragon is specifically made for Apple / Mac computers. The Mac version of Dragon has generally been behind in terms of performance and useability. However, with this new edition, Dragon for Mac has really stepped up and is almost at par with it's Windows counterpart.