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Price: $79.99

Philips - DVT3000

The Philips Digital Voice Tracer DVT-3000 with stereo microphones and AutoAdjust recording feature.

Price: $79.99

The Voice Tracer 3000 has AutoAdjust Recording, meaning the audio signal is measured to adapt perfectly to the recording environments.

System Overview

2 GB Memory Built-in for up to 22 Days of Recording
With the 2 GB of built-in memory, your Voice Tracer is able to capture up to 22 days of continuous recording.

High-Quality Microphone for Utmost Speech Clarity
The built-in stereo high-quality microphones produce far better and clearer recordings than standard microphones found in other devices. The recording sensitivity is increased, thus picking up more voice signal without compromising sound quality.

Micro SD Memory Card Slot for Virtually Unlimited Recording
Virtually unlimited recording capacity thanks to a micro SD memory card slot supporting up to 32 GB of additional memory.

Plug and Play in Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Your VoiceTracer just works - Plug and Play in Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Integrated Fold-Out Stand for Easy Device Positioning
With the integrated fold-out stand on the backside of the Voice Tracer you can conveniently position your voice recorder towards the sound source.

Large Display for Clear Recording Status Information
The high-resolution dot matrix display built-in the Voice Tracer's supports 8 languages and provides clear recording status information.

Metal Microphone Grille for Crystal Clear Sound Quality
A well-engineered microphone grille is able to make a good microphone stand out even more. The grille built-in the new Voice Tracer's guarantees crystal clear recordings.

Up to 48 Hours Battery Runtime for Extra Long Recordings
The batteries of the new Voice Tracer's last for up to 48 hours for extra long recording sessions.

Rechargeable Batteries Included for Economic Recording
The new Voice Tracers come with rechargeable batteries for more than 50 hours of continuous recording. Additionally, you can help protecting the environment by simply recharging the batteries of your device using USB instead of buying new batteries.

Stereo MP3 Recording for Crystal Clear Playback
The Voice Tracer captures all recordings in stereo and the popular MP3 format, the common audio format for consumer audio storage, as well as a de facto standard encoding for the transfer and playback of recordings.

Calendar Search for Easily Finding Taken Recordings
With the calendar search feature, finding taken recordigns is as easy and convenient as never before. Every recording receives a time stamp, and can be looked up by simply entering the date of recording.

AutoAdjust Recording for Automatic Sound Paramenter Setting
Recording in different environments is often a challenge, especially if you need to adapt the microphone sensitivity and record settings to fit the different scenes - which can usually only be done by manually changing the device settings. The new Voice Tracers optimized for conversations feature an innovative intelligent recording algorithm which analyzes the incoming signals and automatically adjusts and selects the appropriate sound parameters may it be Wind filter, Noise Reduction, Microphone sensitivity or L+R channel beam forming.


Superior Audio Quality

  • High-quality microphone for utmost speech clarity
  • Metal microphone grille for crystal clear sound quality
  • Stereo MP3 recording for crystal clear playback
  • AutoAdjust recording for automatic sound paramenter setting

Easy and Intuitive Experience

  • Plug and play in Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Integrated fold-out stand for easy device positioning
  • Large display for clear recording status information
  • Rechargeable batteries included for economic recording
  • Calendar search for easily finding taken recordings

Designed Around You

  • 2 GB memory built-in for up to 22 days of recording
  • Micro SD memory card slot for virtually unlimited recording
  • Up to 48 hours battery runtime for extra long recordings

Technical Specifications

    Free USB Port
    Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows Vista (32/64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit, SP2+), Mac OS X, Linux

Audio Recording

  • Built-in microphone: high-sensitivity, HQ Stereo, low-noise microphone
  • Recording formats: MPEG1 layer 3 (MP3), PCM (WAV)
  • Recording modes: PCM 1411 kbps, SHQ 192 kbps, HQ 96 kbps, SP 64 kbps, LP 8 kbps
  • Record monitor function: yes
  • Recording time: 562 h (LP), 70 h (SP), 47 h (HQ), 23 h (SHQ), 3 h (PCM)
  • Sample rate: 44.1 kHz (PCM/SHQ), 22 kHz (HQ), 16 kHz (SP/LP)
  • Bit rate: 8, 64, 96, 192, 1411 kbps
  • File overwrite and append mode: yes
  • Silent recording mode: yes
  • Pre-recording mode: yes


  • Sound enhancement: ClearVoice
  • Frequency response: 50–20,000 Hz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 60 dB
  • Speaker output power: 300 mW
  • Speaker diameter: 28 mm


  • USB cable: yes
  • Quick start guide: yes
  • 2 × AAA rechargeable batteries: yes
  • Stereo headphones: yes


  • Headphones: 3.5 mm
  • Microphone: 3.5 mm, Built-in microphone, Microphone socket
  • Micro-SD card socket: yes
  • USB: High-speed USB 2.0


  • Firmware upgradeable: yes
  • Keypad lock: yes
  • Multi language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polisch, Simplified Chinese
  • Variable playback speed: yes
  • Voice volume indicator: yes
  • Voice-activated recording: yes
  • Auto adjust recording: yes
  • Calender search: yes
  • Instant one-touch recording: yes
  • Optimized for notes: yes
  • Optimized for conversations: yes

Design and Finishing and Green Specifications

  • Color(s): silver shadow/black
  • Lead-free soldered product: yes


  • Backlight: yes
  • Diagonal screen size: 38 mm/1.5 in
  • Resolution: 112 x 112 pixels
  • Type: Dot matrix LCDg.


  • Batteries included: yes
  • Battery lifetime: up to 48 hours in LP recod mode
  • Battery type: Philips AAA Ni-MH LFH9154
  • Number of batteries: 2
  • Rechargeable: yes, via USB

Storage Media

  • Built-in memory capacity: 2 GB
  • Buit-in memory type: NAND Flash
  • Mass storage class compliant: yes

Music Playback

  • Compression format: MP3, WMA
  • Equalizer settings: Jazz, Pop, Rock
  • ID3 tag support: yes
  • MP3 bit rates: 8–320 kbps
  • WMA bit rates: 48–320 kbps (44 kHz)

Product Dimensions

  • Depth: 0.8 inch
  • Depth: 2 cm
  • Height: 11.7 cm
  • Height: 4.6 inch
  • Weight: 0.06 kg
  • Weight: 0.132 lb
  • Width: 1.6 inch
  • Width: 4.1 cm

Included with this purchase

    Phlips Digital Voice Tracer 3000
    USB Cable
    Quick Start Guide
    2 x AAA Rechargeable Batteries
    Stereo Headphones