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Olympus - LS-P2

The LS-P2 brings together advanced technology and cutting-edge design in a straight-forward, easy to use PCM recorder.

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The LS-P2 brings together advanced technology and cutting-edge design in a straight-forward, easy to use PCM recorder. It’s the first recorder equipped with Bluetooth compatibility to wirelessly play back recorded audio. The slim, compact size offers convenience and portability, making the LS-P2 your ultimate music companion. Clear, dynamic sound is all yours.


  • The LS-P2 features a three microphone system that includes both directional and omni-directional microphones to faithfully capture the depth and fullness of the sounds recorded. The stereo microphones are arranged at a 90° angle to produce a natural stereo experience, with an added central microphone to compensate for low-range sounds. This Tresmic combination provides a wide frequency response for the most demanding musicians and professionals.
  • The LS-P2’s Normalization function raises the volume of recorded data to its highest limit without causing distortion. So, even when the recording level is low, it can still be raised to a decent level. Sometimes, when raising the recording level to capture quiet sounds, the resulting audio may become distorted, or when making adjustments to avoid this distortion, the recording may be too quiet. With the Normalization function, the volume is maximized while maintaining quality recording data during playback.
  • Using the latest technologies, zoom microphone unleashes the power of proximity in noisy environments or when recording from a distant position. The zoom microphone allows you to expand and contract the microphone range by adjusting the direction with the '+' and '-' buttons.
  • Audio files can be divided and trimmed on the recorder without the use of a PC. Split and divide by topic or size for easy file management.
  • LS-P2 is the first recorder equipped with Bluetooth for wireless connection. Using this feature allows you to enjoy wireless playback of recorded audio on headphones and speakers. Install the free OLYMPUS Audio Controller BT app on your smartphone and use it as a remote control for the recorder!

Technical Specifications

  • Built-in microphone: Tresmic - 3 microphone system
  • Recording format: MP3/PCM
  • Internal Memory: 8GB
  • External Memory: microSD (sold separately)